May 22, 2014
Identify and Overcome Stroke
SOHO #BetterU: National Elderly Day

JAKARTA (20/05) – Stroke is a level of medical emergency that should be readily and quickly overcome. A simple way to enable the community to identify the symptoms of stroke is the “SeGeRa” method which is senyum or smile, gerak or movement and bicara or speak. When ask to smile a suspected stroke’s smile becomes “weird” and its face (particularly the lips) is slightly “skewed”. When ask to raise its hands upwards, the suspect is unable to raise its hands symmetrically and simultaneously. When speaking a simple sentence, the sentence sounds “slurred”. When these symptoms appear, an ambulance should be immediately called to get further assistance. This issue was presented by a neurologist of Siloam Kebon Jeruk Hospital, dr. Frandy Susatia, SpS, on an ETHICA Industri Farmasi Health Seminar, in Jakarta (20/05).

ETHICA Industri Farmasi is a subsidiary company of SOHO Global Health and has become a joint venture company with a German pharmaceutical company, Fresenius Kabi starting last August 2013. Since 1946, ETHICA Industri Farmasi focuses in providing injection drugs.

Stroke occurs because the blood vessel that provides bloodstream to the brain is clogged or ruptured, thus part of the brain area does not receive bloodstream and is damaged. Whereas, human brain constantly needs bloodstream that carries blood containing oxygen and nutrition. Dr. Frandy explained that there are various types of stroke itself, but 85% of cases that occur are ischemic stroke (that occurs due to the clogging of blood vessel). Based on the Basic Health Research (Riskesdas) 2013, the prevalence of stroke in Indonesia is 12.1 per 1,000 persons. The risk of stroke increases in line with the increase of the age of a person.     

Dr Frandy explained, besides the SeGeRa method there are still some symptoms of stroke that should be watch out for. The symptoms that appear are among others, severe headache, sudden vision decrease or double vision, dizziness and loss of balance, difficulties in speaking or in understanding conversation, loss of feeling/numbness on one side, weakness/unable to raise hand/foot on the same side of the body, twisted/tilted mouth, difficulties in swallowing and loss of consciousness/coma. If two or more of these symptoms appear, an ambulance should immediately be called to get further assistance. 

In order to prevent stroke, there are some risk factors that should be identified. Dr. Frandy explained, some risk factors able to trigger the attack of stroke are among others hypertension, diabetes, obesity, smoking, breathing abnormalities while sleeping, the use of oral contraceptive, alcohol and drug abuse, high cholesterol and low physical activities. Dr. Frandy cited as example that each increase of one portion of fruits or vegetables, will decrease the risk of stroke by 6%. Furthermore moderate intensity exercise for 30 minutes each day is also able to decrease the risk of stroke.

Dr Frandy suggested that a person, who has already experienced stroke or symptoms of stroke as mentioned above, should control its risk factors by regular control to a physician, regular intake of drugs and living a healthy life-style.

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