Health, Safety, Environment

At SOHO Global Health, we are committed to ensuring that our HSE principles are integrated throughout our business units and facilities worldwide. We achieve this through a management system that demonstrates performance.

Using a comprehensive plan-do-check model, our HSE Management System is consistent with international standards such as occupational Health Safety Management System and Environmental Management System.

Many of our individual facilities have achieved external certifications on the quality of their management systems.


SOHO Global Health aims to be amongst the pharmaceutical industry leaders in HSE and will operate as a responsible member of society committed to continuous improvement in all aspects of HSE performance.

Our core priorities are :
Integrate HSE considerations into all activities across the SOHO Global Health of companies.
Manage HSE as a fundamental component of our governance systems and ensure compliance with applicable HSE-related laws and regulations.
Seek continuous improvements in our occupational health, safety and environment performance.


Our HSE Guidelines are our performance expectations. They describe what is expected, and leave flexibility for our facilities to determine how best to achieve HSE excellence.

The SOHO Global Health HSE Guidelines are organized into four groups :
Management Guidelines
Define and describe the HSE management tasks and functions required in a typical facility-level HSE management program.

Health & Safety Guidelines
Define the elements of our program to protect the health and safety of colleagues and contractors under SOHO's supervision

Environment Guidelines
Define the elements of our resource conservation and pollution prevention programs

External Affairs Guidelines
Address and manage HSE risks and opportunities that go beyond everyday facility-based HSE issues associated with the development or manufacture of our products, including acquisitions and divestitures, the management of contract manufacturer product risks and community outreach

HSE Roles and Responsibilities
With HSE colleagues integrated at every level of our organization, the SOHO HSE management system defines roles for all colleagues. Strategic direction and performance expectations are defined, and our global operations implement them. Clearly defined roles and responsibilities and open lines of communication from facilities to senior management help ensure HSE issues and opportunities are well understood and effectively managed.

HSE Management and Colleague Training
HSE success occurs when all colleagues are fully engaged and involved. Better decisions are made when HSE is integrated into them. To ensure engagement at every level, we have a comprehensive training and awareness program, including new colleague orientation programs, HSE mentoring and online training and communications.

We also hold topic-specific workshops that bring our HSE professionals together to brainstorm and solve problems. We create and share tools to aid our colleagues to integrate HSE into decision-making.

HSE Program and Performance
As our company continues to evolve to meet the needs of our changing world, SOHO Global Health is committed to turning health, safety and environment (HSE) challenges into opportunities to improve performance. Recognizing that well-defined performance expectations drive continuous improvement, we employ HSE performance targets throughout every level of our organization.

At the same time, we recognize that local needs may not always be the same. With this in mind, each SOHO operation is required to develop goals and targets specific to their local activities and stakeholders. At all times and at all locations, full compliance with all applicable HSE legal requirements is the baseline expectation.

Measuring and Monitoring HSE Performance
Key to our efforts to continually improve our HSE performance is the careful measuring and monitoring of our progress. We do this through a combination of data collection and verification, internal auditing, facility self-assessment and management system reviews.

By thoroughly tracking our performance, we are able to spotlight our successes in eliminating or reducing our HSE impacts, quickly and responsibly handle any HSE issues, and identify key areas where we need to focus on improving our performance in the future.

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