A Shared Vision

PT.SOHO Industri Pharmasi provides equal opportunities to our employees in their career development. We prepare them by providing continuous development opportunities. Management commitment in developing our future leaders is very strong and we prepare them from our existing employees.

If you're looking for a career, PT.SOHO Industri Pharmasi is your choice ! You will be supported and developed to your optimum potential. You will collaborate with your superior and your colleagues in developing your career.

Learn more about us in helping you to decide if SOHO Global Health is your choice. We will show you there are many reasons for you to join us; we will also show you how we recognize, empower and develop our people, then how you can apply for the positions that interest you.
Join us and find a challenging career development for you !

Whoever you are, you have to consider achieving your personal goals with us.
There are many reasons to join us :

  • A place where company existence is already proven.
  • A place where commitment of management to develop the people is very strong
  • A place where your career goals will be achieved
  • A place with supportive working environment
  • A place where people are fairly treated and recognized
  • A place where learning is becoming our people‚Äôs mindset

A place where company existence is already proven
PT. SOHO Industri Pharmasi, with more than a half century experience, is proud to be one of the leading global corporations in the field of manufacturing and providing quality healthcare products and services. Our robust pipeline and rich portfolio allow us to continue leading the medical industry in the natural and branded generic products segment.

A place where commitment of management to develop the people is very strong :
Not every company has a strong commitment from their top management in developing people. It is important for us, as an employee, to understand how strong the commitment is. It influences our development opportunities along our journey in that company.
PT.SOHO Industri Pharmasi Management is really concerned about people development. It is based on our paradigm. For us, people are our most valuable asset. It is not just a slogan, you can feel the difference when you join us.This strong commitment is also shown through their personal attention to our employees in many areas. One of them is how they recognize our people and treat them as partners in achieving company goals. That's why they are very serious in developing our talented people to become our future leaders.

A place where your career goals will be achieved
There is no person who doesn't have their own career goals. When you join us, you will know from the beginning that your career path is very clearly defined for your position. And as time goes by, your performance achievement will be followed by opportunities in your career. If you don't have a clear career goal, we will provide you with career counseling to determine it. We will also provide you with a career development plan. You have to take action to accomplish your development plan. It's not only training or courses, but lots of programs are available for you.
Join us and achieve your goals !

A place with supportive working environment
Working environment is one of the most important things that we consider, when we decide to join a company. What kind of working environment do you expect? For sure, you will choose a company that has a supportive working environment, where you can actualize yourself as an employee. A working environment that empowers you in expressing your own idea.
Our working environment is influenced by our values and culture. It is shown by the communication model that we have, team roles that we play, etc. We realized that our people productivity is not only because of our people's competencies and commitment, but also because of our supportive working environment

A place where people are fairly treated and recognized
As a human being, we need to be fairly treated and recognized. Young or old, experienced professionals or fresh graduates, we all need recognition. We expect recognition from our superiors, colleagues and subordinates. PT.SOHO Industri Pharmasi always treat its employees fairly. We look at their contribution to our success, and measure it objectively through their performance evaluation. Extra personal achievement is always counted and recognized in a special event. This proves why we always encourage our people in working the extra mile for us.
We really believe that our employee engagement will bring us to our success, and it begins with how we treat and recognize our people.

A place where learning is becoming our people's mindset
There are some companies that are still struggling with the learning process, but we don't. We have changed our people's mindset to learning. They are now very concerned about learning, not only for themselves but also for their colleagues.
Learning is different from training. Learning can be done simultaneously while we are working. Learning is becoming part of our people's mindset. If you join us, you will feel how learning is becoming part of our work ethics.

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