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September 29, 2011
Diapet Win Digital Marketing Award 2011

Jakarta, 28 September 2011 - The seriousness of the SOHO Global Health brand Diapet in working on social media to convey information to fruition. Diapet was awarded the Digital Marketing Award 2011 for the diarrheal medicine sector Social Media Achievement category. Diapet judged to be the most talked about brands in social media positively. 

Category acheivement social media is based on sentiment as well as a good share of voices in social media. It is obtained through studies conducted MediaWave based assessment factors as well as positive opinions circulating among the social media. 

Measurement index earned media share of voice by sentiment (EMSS index) measured by the formula percentage of positive talk of a brand in a specific category plus the percentage of the talks neutral brand in the category, subtract the percentage of negative talk in the brand in the category. 

Winners in each industry category is determined based on two conditions that have index numbers greater than 10% and 3 great positions in every category. The result, in the category Diapet diarrhea medicine with the highest reaching EMSS. 

Prasna Ruseno, Diapet SOHO Global Health Brand Manager said social media achievement award is an appreciation of the efforts Diapet interact in social media. "Another objective was to explore the information as feedback for continuous improvement for our product development," said Prasna. 

Social Media Achievement Award categories this is the first time held in the second year the event held Digital Marketing Magazine Marketing Awards, MediaWave, and Frontier Consulting Group survey agency. 

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