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December 14, 2011
SOHO Global Health Achieves Record Business (ReBi) Pharmaceutical Company For Being a pioneer in Producing and Marketing Natural Medicine.

SOHO Global Health reached the recognition and success Markets in Natural Medicines 
SOHO Global Health Achieves Record Business (ReBi) Pharmaceutical Company For Being a pioneer in Producing and Marketing Natural Medicine. 

Jakarta, (14/12) - SOHO Global Health managed to carve out a very proud achievement at the end of 2011 to receive the award Business Records (ReBi) as Pharmaceutical Companies are Being Pioneers in Producing and Marketing Natural Medicine. The award was obtained by the SOHO Global Health after going through the process of evaluation and verification, from the judges. 

Success was achieved by the SOHO Global Health as a pioneer of natural medicine market is not without sacrifice. The monetary crisis Earth in 1998, many pharmaceutical companies, especially domestic investment heaving. Amid such conditions, SOHO Global Health think back to go ahead in the competitive arena of branded generics drugs. So just after the crisis, SOHO Global Health was determined to execute a new strategy to change the course of its business. SOHO Global Health decided to work on a new market that is developing drugs derived from natural ingredients. 

"As said by Jack Trout in his book entitled: differentiate or Die, Survival in Our Era of Killer Competiton, the SOHO Global Health to differentiate to Stand Out from Competition. Be SOHO Global Health to differentiate the product in addition to producing chemical-based mee too, also dedicated a full manufactures and markets natural-based medicine in prescription and OTC markets. This step makes SOHO is the only pharmaceutical company that has a different positioning with other pharmaceutical companies, "said dr. Hindrianto Lukas, who was very proud of the SOHO Business Group achieved record (ReBi). 

Furthermore, the man who now serves as Managing Director of SOHO Global Health Pharma, said, actually, before the crisis, SOHO Global Health already has a product derived from nature such as Curcuma ® tablets, Curcuma Plus ® syrup, and Matovit ®. All three drugs are marketed through a physician or prescribed. But by the year 2000, SOHO Global Health agreed to focus on products made from this natural medicine. "In addition to cheap raw materials and the price was stable because it comes from within the country, then the players in this field are still very rare. And SOHO Global Health's first private pharmaceutical companies and the only one who penetrated prescribe natural medicines, "explains Hindrianto. 

Pioneer and Trendsetter Natural Medicines Prescription and OTC Market 
Strategies and steps taken SOHO Global Health is very telling to improve company performance. This strategy not only able to make SOHO Global Health jump higher, but also can stick 'taring'nya markets prescription and repeat the success, as in the era of the 1970s. This is seen from the results of independent market research agency internasional (IMS surveys) which show, SOHO Global Health is a pharmaceutical company who has the fastest growth among major pharmaceutical companies in Indonesia, from 2000 to reefs. 

Success is fed by the SOHO Global Health was then made several other pharmaceutical companies are tempted to follow suit. Recently has begun to many pharmaceutical companies began to manufacture and market prescription drugs to enliven the experience. Nevertheless, the strength of natural-based products owned by the SOHO Global Health as a pioneer and trendsetter still unbeaten. Call it Curcuma ®, Matovit ®, Oste ®, Curliv ®, Im ¬ boost ®, and Curvit ® CL Emulsion on market prescription and Diapet, Curcuma Plus Emulsion, Laxing in the OTC market. All of these products remain the number one among similar products on the market. 

Continue to differentiate and innovate 
Although the current competition and the competition of natural medicine began to busy, but SOHO Global Health remains confident and even feel disadvantaged. To keep winning, SOHO Global Health did not stop innovating. A variety of new products have been developed. For example, Imboost Effervescent, the only formula effervercent echinaceae in Asia. In addition, recent SOHO Global Health has also launched their latest natural remedy that is Asthin ® Force. Asthin Force ® contains antioxidant astaxanthin which is the strongest and safest prooksidan has no effect. 

To be able to bear these superior products, in addition to having the R & D are fairly reliable, SOHO Global Health also did not hesitate to cooperate with research institutes and universities, both in homeland and abroad. For example, the University of Gajah Mada University, Research Institute for Medicinal Plants & Aromatic Bogor, IPB, ITB, UI, University of Western Sydney - Australia and University of New South Wales - Australia. 

In the future according to Hindrianto Luke, with respect Record Business - Pharmaceutical Company For Being a pioneer in Producing and Marketing Natural Medicine, proved that the SOHO Global Health will always be committed to continue to innovate in producing and marketing natural medicines. 

Business Records at a Glance (ReBi) 
Business Records (ReBi) is an appreciation and highest recognition given to companies or organizations both private and government for the success and dedication that has resulted in various works / achievements in the industry, which was initiated by Handi Irawan D, founder of Tera Foundation in cooperation with the Daily Regarding Indonesia, supported by Frontier Consulting Group 

SOHO Global Health at a Glance 
SOHO Global Health consists of SOHO Global Health PHARMA, SOHO Global Health CONSUMER HEALTH, SOHO Global Health DISTRIBUTION, and SOHO Global Health FUNCTION SUPPORTING consisting of units of Strategy & Business Management, Human Capital Development & Public Affairs, Finance & IT, and Manufacturing. The organizational structure is the result of the restructuring of SOHO Global Health for more integrated among several areas of business that aims to be more focus in aktivtas day - the day both internal and external. 

SOHO PHARMA Group focuses on the business of ethical pharmaceutical products (by prescription) which includes both categories of branded drugs, herbal remedies & TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), and LPM (Low Price Medicine) and medical equipment (SOHO Global Medic) and business alliances . 

CONSUMER HEALTH SOHO Global Health focusing on business products OTC / Over The Counter (OTC without prescription) both branded products and herbal-based products, and Consumer Health products, as well as branded products HEZZEL FARM and MLM products from Unihealth. 

DISTRIBUTION SOHO Global Health to focus on product distribution business SOHO Global Health and other principal products, and RMT (Raw Material Trading), as well as the retail drug business through Harmony Pharmacy. More information can be obtained at the official website of the corporation:

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