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Herbal and natural products are becoming popular as complementary and alternative medicines worldwide.

According to a 2004 update on the health risks of herbal remedies in Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics, about one third of adults in the developed countries and more than 60% Asians use herbal and natural medicines for health promotion or treatment of various chronic diseases.

The World Health Organization also estimates that four billion people or 80% of the world's population presently use herbal & natural medicine for some aspect of primary health care. Traditional or complementary medicine is very popular even in the West. In a recent survey, it was found that in Europe, 50% of the French and German use complementary medicine; in Belgium 84% of homeopathic treatments are carried out by medical doctors, 47% of medical doctors in the Netherlands practice some form of complementary therapy. In 1990 more American people opted for alternative medicine (425 million USD) than primary care physicians (388 million USD). A recent survey reported that American adults using CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) increased from 34% in 1990 to 42% in 1997.

WHO defines herbal medicines as finished, labeled medicinal products that contain active ingredients from aerial or underground parts of plants, or other plant material, or combinations thereof, whether crude state or as other preparations."

PT.SOHO Industri Pharmasi is committed to creating and developing herbal and natural products that are supported by current up-to-date and proven information. PT.SOHO Industri Pharmasi ensures that the safety, efficacy, and manufacturing standards for herbal and natural medicines are followed.

It is time for our esteemed customers to consider herbal and natural medicine as complementary and alternative medicine, based on our tradition and experience which is supported and proven with following proper regulations on safety, quality, and efficacy.

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