Product Development

Since many years ago, PT.SOHO Industri Pharmasi has developed Curcuma Xanthorrhiza, and it has succeeded to be marketed with a wide range of therapeutic indication properties such as : Curcuma® & Curvit® (appetite stimulant), Curcuma® plus Emulsion & Curvit® CL Emulsion® (children's growth), Curmax® & Curliv® (hepato protector), Curcuma® plus Milk (milk product for children), Curcuma® plus Imuns (body immunity). PT.SOHO Industri Pharmasi is continuously developing and focusing on other natural products :

  • Standardized Herbal Medicine
    • Diapet® capsule
    • Lelap® caplet
  • Supplement
    • Imboost®, Imboost® Force
    • Oste®, Oste® Forte, Osteoflam®
    • Matovit®, Matovit® Fifty, Matovit® AX, Matoflam®
    • Asthin® Force
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