Vision & Mission

To be one of the leading global corporations in the field of manufacturing and providing quality health care products and services.

To proudly serve our customers by continually providing quality health care products and services, and to promote quality and longevity of life.

We believe that our success is derived from our strong commitment to corporate values.

  1. Highly committed teamwork - we work together as a team to achieve our goals. We also encourage our team to have open and effective communication between colleagues, and external parties.
  2. Superior customer service - we aim to always provide high quality healthcare products and services to our customers. Our customer satisfaction is our success.
  3. Initiating new ways of doing business - We encourage creative and proactive actions in improving our business processes.
  4. Dedicated and productive people - We believe that dedicated and productive people will help us in achieving our goals.
  5. Fair treatment and reward for performance - We treat all employees fairly. This applies in all policies and procedures relating to recruitment and selection, compensation, benefits, performance evaluation, people development, and all other terms and conditions of employment. We also recognize our best performers in a proud manner.
  6. Strive for achievement - we have a passion for making things happen, and we are focused on results. We encourage people to continuously improve in their performance.
  7. Integrity, honesty and discipline - These are fundamental principals in SOHO Global Health. We believe employees with integrity, honesty and discipline will help us to work productively.
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Pharmaceutical Company
A member of the SOHO Group

Jl. Pulo Gadung No. 6
(Kawasan Industri Pulo Gadung)
Jakarta 13920 - Indonesia

Phone +6221 460 5550
Fax +6221 460 3111, 461 0474