Calorease contains alpha-cyclodextrin known as FBCx or 'Fat Binding Complexer, which is a natural fibre derived from corn. 

Each Calorease tablet contains 1 gram of the (alpha-cyclodextrin) fibre, patented as FBCx. Each Calorease tablet binds up to 9g of dietary fat, helping to prevent it from being absorbed by the body. Calorease can be used for  ≥ 18 years old.

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Product Benefits:

Maintain body weight (weight management) and maintain healthy cholesterol levels by reducing dietary fat absorption


Alpha-cyclodextrine 1000 mg


Adults: Take 2 tablets with a fat-containing meal or snack, 3 times a day, As Calorease is a dietary fibre, it’s important to ensure you have an adequate intake of water when taking Calorease

Pack size:

30 Film coated Caplet, 5 Envelopes @ 1 strip @ 6 Film coated caplet.

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